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Trident Advisory is an independent, privately owned consultancy firm established in Adelaide, and operating across Australia.  We specialise in management consulting services for counter-terrorism, cyber-security, emergency response, risk management, business continuity and post-incident investigation.

We believe in developing your employees.  Their skills and strengths is an investment in the future of your company.  A balanced workplace environment strengthens communication and increases productivity.  Trident Advisory will work closely with you to identify processes that will enable your staff to strengthen their contribution towards your workplace and long-term company development.


What we do

Trident Advisory provides advantages for organisations seeking to:

  • Minimise liability;
  • Plan for emergencies and business continuity;
  • Test and validate existing arrangements;
  • Build organisational resilience to short term shocks or market evolution;
  • Undertake post-incident investigation, and review;
  • Prepare risk and functionally specific plans;
  • Develop staff knowledge and operating efficiencies.

How we work

Trident Advisory has an extensive network of consultants that are experienced in their fields.  We value confidentiality, and as such treat all matters as ‘Commercial in Confidence’.  We specialise in assisting clients to reduce their operating risk, and continue to support you through constructive relationships that continues to be available to you.  We have a duty of care to all our clients, and our consultants maintain industry engagement, education and awareness that supports our partnership with you.

Business Continuity

Providing a full range of end-to-end security and business continuity consulting services across all sectors.


Services we provide

Our specialised portfolio of service offerings includes:

  • Emergency and business continuity management planning;
  • Counter-terrorism and emergency management – planning and preparation;
  • Risk identification and mitigation strategies;
  • Exercising and validation of business processes;
  • Post Incident Investigations.



It is important that decisions are based on relevant and accurate information.  Trident Advisory assist you to identify beneficial structural changes utilising new technology and processes in order to obtain a competitive edge.  Our focus is on sustainable performance, continual improvement, and long-term returns on investment, as opposed to short-term objectives.

Trident Advisory Services


CONFIDENTIALITY  Trident Advisory maintains strict confidentiality practices to safeguard sensitive information (such as high-level clearance or market sensitive information), and maintains the privacy of personal information.  All work is commercial in confidence.

MANAGING RISK  We are committed to mitigating risk for your organisation – protecting dialogue and information exchange and ensuring its’ effectiveness at reducing risk.    

CONSTRUCTIVE RELATIONSHIP building with our clients is an ongoing process that extends beyond specific engagements, and built upon our willingness to continue to be accessible to you.

EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS   Trident Advisory emphasises industry engagement, and awareness as key essentials for providing you with the right tools to assist with decision-making –  an informed industry essential to achieving growth and sustainability. 




. Staff Training & Development | Employee Engagement

. Discerning Processes for knowledge and awareness.

. Competitive strategies for collaboration and decision-making.

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