Darren Bretherton

Director | Trident Advisory . Canberra . ACT


Darren has extensive experience in the national security environment, with over 30 years working in government, law enforcement, counter terrorism and emergency management fields. For the past nine years he has actively led small teams, managing national exercise programs that are designed to evaluate Australia’s counter‑terrorism prevention, response and recovery arrangements within the context of the contemporary security environment.


Darren consistently delivers high quality outcomes utilising his strong strategic leadership and stakeholder engagement skills in managing relationships across government agencies, both state and federal, and with the private sector and international partners.


Darren is also well versed in lessons management and the validation and resolution of exercise outcomes to inform continuous improvement. He managed the development and implementation of exercise resolution processes, designed to enhance the evaluation of outcomes to support continuous improvement of capabilities, processes and procedures.


Additionally, Darren has extensive experience and knowledge of national security issues and can translate his knowledge into the forecasting, planning and development of objectives and realistic scenarios that meet future needs. His extensive experience in exercise design, delivery and evaluation provides him with a unique skill set that would be an asset to stakeholders seeking to test, explore, review or validate their crisis management arrangements.

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